Friday, 10 December 2010

The Silly Lamb

(any Twihard would know what I mean ;) )

What intrigues me is not the fact that sometimes you’re insane,
But the fact that sometimes you’re not.

What surprised me is not the expression that you give when you are shocked,
But the expressions you give when I am.

What pleases me is not the way you blabber when you’re glad,
But the way you celebrate when I am.

What saddens me is not the face you make when you’re annoyed,
But the face you pull when I am.

What puzzles me is not how you question what I say,
But the way you understand what I don’t.

What baffles me is not the way you behave when you’re angry,
But the way you behave when I am.


What astonishes me is not the fact that I’m with you,
But the fact that you’re with me!

Hmmm…so a new blog. I had this idea to write ever since i got this laptop of mine (and that happened like about a year ago :P), but somehow never got something substantial enough to write. It was only last night though that i got this sudden urge of starting this all…and I honestly don’t know how much efficient I shall be in this, but all I know is whenever I’ll write here, it won’t be something that is forced upon me n all…

There are a few people who I want to say out a special…umm...say...a thank you? (couldn’t think of another word actually :P). 
Firstly to my Dear Mom and Dashing Daddy, who love me ‘even when I loathe myself’. 
To DD, for changing me to this extent, being such a darling and never thinking twice before telling me anything, whether right or wrong. 
To Roomie, for keeping up with me and my insanity (gosh, it still surprises me at times!). 
To Khushboo, for being so strong yet so tender.
To Chien, for embarrassing me almost everyday and yet being a dear friend always. 
To Wierdo, for being the pain in my *ss yet being a wonderful buddy like forever. 
To Seductress, for her never ending sweet taunts (dunno what am I going to do without them :P). 
To Teddy, for making me feel that im the best, no matter what! 
To Berlina’s sister, for her rude and cute remarks. 
To Farzana, for writing such good pieces that always make me feel as if they were stolen from me (jk,I can never pen my views so beautifully!). 
And finally to YOU, for reading this…(cliché ending, I know :P).

This para above seems as if I were giving a thank you speech after winning an award or something (stupid me!), but well, I really did want to thank them all..and to those many others who I didn’t mention above…and couldn’t think of a better start to my own space……..