Thursday, 10 October 2013

Saluting The Living Legend

I was sitting casually, intensely reading a book, when I got a text, ‘leave everything and confirm, is Sachin retiring?’ I dropped my book (I never drop a book I’m reading), dashed to my laptop and typed in ‘Sachin Tendulkar news’. In about 0.16 seconds flashed the headline: 
Sachin Tendulkar to retire from all forms of cricket after 200th test’. 

And my heart sank. I wanted to cry and shout and deny the fact. But all I could do was show my disbelief on the social networks, just like zillion other fans out there. And I feel I can’t even call myself a ‘fan’, ‘cause I know how crazy they can be and I just never got that lucky to be crazy.

I remember not liking cricket as a kid; I thought that the game was ‘too long’. Then, when I came to India in 2007, I watched the 1st T20 World Cup and India emerging victorious. And that is when I fell in love for the first time. Fell in love with the game everybody loved so dearly. I watched every cricket game, read about every cricketer and watched as many past matches as I could. I began to realise and understand why Sachin Tendulkar was titled ‘The god of cricket’, why Rahul Dravid was ‘The Wall’, why batsmen feared Anil Kumble, why Indians treated cricket like a religion. I soon became a crazy fan myself, and followed cricket as much as I could.

I vividly remember breaking down to tears when Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from the ODIs last year. People who deeply understood the game said that it was a right decision on his part. But I don’t understand the game like that. I am a stubborn, short-sighted fan when it comes to cricket. So even when
we knew that this was coming soon, the news today about his retirement for good broke me down again. No, I did not cry today. I just regretted the many chances I had missed in the past to watch him play live. Like the Champions Trophy Finals. I reminisced every debate I have had with people in the past defending Sachin, fighting with my mother to watch his matches or interview on the TV, cutting out his pictures from newspapers and secretly making huge collages of his.

No, I won’t cry today. I will just sit all day and read every single piece on his acheivements, watch every glorious moment of his, and talk about him as much as I can. That is how I will honor the legend. That is all I can do to honor the legend. That, and feel proud to be a fan of the Cricket God. #SaluteTheLegend

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Happy Dosti Day :)

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Extremely sorry for going AWOL on the blog..haven't been up to writing much lately except forms and application :P But hey, Friendship's Day is here and that had to get me out of my hibernation right? So here's a little write-up I did; didn't really put much thought to it, just wrote what I felt like...

I don’t believe that life is short. Neither do I believe in being a part of the meaningless ‘cat and rat’ chase. No, life is too long a journey (as many poets adorably call it), and the journey becomes horrid, miserable and unbearable if you are all alone in it. My point? Oh, nothing that is unheard of. It is in fact the ancient simple mantra: Make friends. And not necessarily for a lifetime; we are way too short-sighted to see what happens next, but make friends so that when you glance at your past, you don’t see yourself all by self, dragging yourself through the times. And of course alone is good AT TIMES, but in the long run, it just makes you feel worthless and devoid of care and attention that you deserve from time to time.

So yes, make friends with people around you. Make companions who may not know your secrets but may share your tales with others. Be a reason behind someone’s smiles, be a hand behind somebody’s little victory. Be in the spotlight for all good reasons but have people in the crowd who can proudly say, ‘Hey, that’s my buddy!’. Be a part of someone’s stories; make some people a part of your legacy. Because life is too long to be lived alone my friend, and sometimes you need an extended family called FRIENDS.

Hope everybody reading this and the people around will take a chance to make some cherish-able memories for the years to come. Happy Friendship’s Day y’all…hope the friends in each one of us stays alive for good.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Beti-Ek Abhishaap?

Kyun nahi reh sakti wo apne tareeqe se?
Kyun nahi kuch keh sakti apne saleeqe se?
Kyun beta keh kar bhi usse dete nahi wo vishwas?
Kyun hota hai, beti bananna, ek abhishaap?

Kehte hai ki ladki humara sir garv se ucha karegi,
Lekin samaj ke naam ki bediyaan sirf usse neecha karegi,
Kyun nahi karte uske iraado par vishwas?
Kyun hota hai, beti banna ek abhishaap?

Ladki ko nibhane hote hai kitne farz,
Kabhi  behen to kabhi saheli ka tarz,
Kyun nahi karte uski taaqat par vishwaas?
Kyun hota hai beti banna ek abhishaap?

Beta kehkar bhi usse bojh ki tarah maante ho,
Kyun usse ‘He’ aur ‘She’ ka fark samjhate ho?
Kya yeh duvidha har yug mai chalti rahegi?
Samaj ki yeh soch, kya kal bhi palti rahegi?

Kya kabhi nahi kar paoge ek betii par adigg vishwaas?
Kyu, akhir KYUN hota hai beti banna ek abhishaap??