Friday, 10 December 2010

The Silly Lamb

(any Twihard would know what I mean ;) )

What intrigues me is not the fact that sometimes you’re insane,
But the fact that sometimes you’re not.

What surprised me is not the expression that you give when you are shocked,
But the expressions you give when I am.

What pleases me is not the way you blabber when you’re glad,
But the way you celebrate when I am.

What saddens me is not the face you make when you’re annoyed,
But the face you pull when I am.

What puzzles me is not how you question what I say,
But the way you understand what I don’t.

What baffles me is not the way you behave when you’re angry,
But the way you behave when I am.


What astonishes me is not the fact that I’m with you,
But the fact that you’re with me!


  1. darling here comes ur hidden feelings...which surprised me hahaha...whtevr u wrote..iz so beautiful ..tht its completely spark the zone of love n care ...:-)))

  2. I hav no words to comment on dis....really beautiful:)

  3. xcellnt use f wrds..... nd d last line m in luv wid it.....

  4. @nancy: zone of love? hehe....maybe :P
    @jaspal: thanks!
    @rishab: so am i ;)

  5. Wow supz, jus wow! i guess these feelings r not restrictd to teenz alone....this is wat most of us feel often, sply. with those whom we love so dear!Muaaaha sweety..i'll look forward to reading yr blogs regularly. God bless you!