Friday, 27 May 2011


But it wouldn’t be fair to tell a one-sided story right? Sometimes, especially at times like these, words refuse to come out right and convey what you actually wish to say. The words that you utter completely contradict the feelings inside…here is my take on what the other side might be thinking whilst saying something else…

The Guy’s Version

I said, “I don’t trust you

But what I meant was, “I don’t trust myself if I can bear being hurt anymore

I said, “You aren’t my friend anymore

But what I meant was, “You aren’t the same anymore

I said, “I don’t care

But what I meant was, “I really do care, but just don’t want to

I said, “I don’t believe you

But what I meant was, “I don’t want to believe that you can lie to me”

I said, “Don’t expect anything”

But what I meant was, “I don’t expect myself to live up to your expectations now

I said, “I forget you

But what I meant was, “Of all the things in my life, you are something that I can never forget”


  1. but why the first version hurts so much is because this version ALWAYS remains unspoken.

  2. bt isn't des supposed to b understood by d female wen ur "as u say" friend nd dat too a gud 1??