Sunday, 18 November 2012


I live in a world that is like a coin, two sides to every thing. There are people here who you just cannot trust, and some that you can trust with your life even! There are emotions that are defined crystal clear while some emotions just stay nameless, yet equally dominant in our daily lives. There are some words that express your views in just the right way, while some words, no matter how long,  never do justice to your thoughts. The choices you make here will speak louder than your actions, and your actions will dominate your words. Your character and personality is judged here not by what you say, but by what others say about you. There are people who you think are close to you but are not actually, while there is always some stranger whos got your back. There are people who you think love you but actually don’t, while there is always some unknown person who crushes on you secretly. No matter how confident you may be, there will always be that one factor that can bring you down. And there will always be one face that will bring a smile on your face the minute you see it.

That’s the kind of world I live in; beautiful outside, ugly within.


  1. You and I live in the same kinda world :)
    lovely writeup!

  2. Bole to "jhakkaas"
    precisely my thoughts..though i'll differ in just one place -
    ugly outside, beautiful within.