Wednesday, 21 November 2012

India and its DemoCrazy

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Before u start calling me all bad names, let me clarify that I have nothing against India, the country. I am an Indian and am proud to be a part of such a glorified country. But what enrages me is the problems that we have here. And it enrages me because it is all man-made and not something that we cannot solve or work upon. I’ll be frank; I know nothing about the politics here, just maybe the names of a few players in it. And I've never had an interest in it either. Why should i? I have been taught to stay away from things that are bad and the Indian politics is portrayed in such bad light that I've always wanted to stay miles, kilometers, rather light-years away from it! I read once that Rahul Gandhi stated that the ‘Indian Youth’ (it’s like his trademark now) is the only solution to cleaner politics. And I totally agreed with that. But then nothing happened. You still have old, aged, senior citizens (no disrespect to anyone) moving form one position to another, but still in power of what is still cited as a DEVELOPING country! 63 years of independence and we are still DEVELOPING?!!! What the ****!

Now, I’m no Bhagat Singh or some revolutionist (and neither I intend to be one!) but all this outburst is because I've been questioning myself for the past few days; is this what we term Democracy? Is that what India is known for? It may not be believable, but I've still met people who think of Indians as snake charmers or ladies draped in sarees or worse, people with largest families! That should NOT happen! Does one come across people who talk of Americans as racists or people who enslaved black? No, they are talked about how great their country is! Then why not for us?! Why are we called upon for our services around the globe and yet mocked at the end of the day?!

Of course, this write-up won’t bring in some revolution. Of course tomorrow even I won’t give a thought to all this. But then today, I shall sleep with all these questions, and with a hope that someday, SOMEDAY I will laugh at this all and pride upon being an Indian in every aspect.

Jai Hind (???) till then.       

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  1. the day we start accepting things in the way they are without manipulating their meaning that suits us may be the day u are looking for...:)

    nicely written and many congratulations..:)