Sunday, 4 August 2013

Happy Dosti Day :)

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Extremely sorry for going AWOL on the blog..haven't been up to writing much lately except forms and application :P But hey, Friendship's Day is here and that had to get me out of my hibernation right? So here's a little write-up I did; didn't really put much thought to it, just wrote what I felt like...

I don’t believe that life is short. Neither do I believe in being a part of the meaningless ‘cat and rat’ chase. No, life is too long a journey (as many poets adorably call it), and the journey becomes horrid, miserable and unbearable if you are all alone in it. My point? Oh, nothing that is unheard of. It is in fact the ancient simple mantra: Make friends. And not necessarily for a lifetime; we are way too short-sighted to see what happens next, but make friends so that when you glance at your past, you don’t see yourself all by self, dragging yourself through the times. And of course alone is good AT TIMES, but in the long run, it just makes you feel worthless and devoid of care and attention that you deserve from time to time.

So yes, make friends with people around you. Make companions who may not know your secrets but may share your tales with others. Be a reason behind someone’s smiles, be a hand behind somebody’s little victory. Be in the spotlight for all good reasons but have people in the crowd who can proudly say, ‘Hey, that’s my buddy!’. Be a part of someone’s stories; make some people a part of your legacy. Because life is too long to be lived alone my friend, and sometimes you need an extended family called FRIENDS.

Hope everybody reading this and the people around will take a chance to make some cherish-able memories for the years to come. Happy Friendship’s Day y’all…hope the friends in each one of us stays alive for good.